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Staying At A Gorgeous Resort

After working hard to try to get promoted at my job for months, I finally realized that I needed to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time off with my family. Instead of going to our normal vacation spot, I decided to book a stay in a gorgeous luxury resort in the Caribbean. It was amazing. When we arrived, our children were blown away by the gorgeous pool and the luxurious accommodations. We spent the next 11 days enjoying ourselves, and I will remember that vacation forever. This blog is all about staying at a gorgeous resort and enjoying your free time.


3 Reasons To Rent A House For Your Next Vacation

18 July 2018
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Are you looking for something extra fun to do on your next vacation? One suggestion would be to look at house rentals in the area you are heading to instead of staying in some boring motel. Here are three reasons why renting a house near your next vacation or resort spot might be the way to go. You Won't Sacrifice Amenities When you go on vacation, you have to leave certain things at home. Read More …

3 Ways Scuba Diving Benefits Your Body And Mind

13 June 2018
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Whether it has always been on your bucket list or you are looking for some adventure while on vacation, scuba diving is a unique experience you will remember forever. Characterized by diving and swimming underwater using a breathing apparatus, or scuba, the experience offers you a chance to see an endless array of sea life. While surprising for most people to learn, scuba diving is an experience that offers enormous physical and emotional benefits as well. Read More …